when hiring a stager...

Your stager should accurately represent the value and quality of your home. If they aren’t making this happen, they will miss the mark on your future listing!

In this blog, you will read our top three expectations you should have when hiring a stager to get the most out of your staging!

#1 – Staging should represent what the house has to offer!

When meeting with your stager, ask yourself, does my stagers stagings reflect the price and quality of my home? Or does the stager not have the necessary inventory to provide a luxury and quality look?

Every stager should understand the style of your home and reflect all the positive aspects of your spaces, do not let price be your determinator.

If your home is staged improperly, you could end up losing money by hiring an amateur or hobbyist home stager, who may not have the proper training, design experience, expertise, or necessary furnishings needed to reflect the value of your home!

A RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) professional home stager ADDS value to your home leading to a fast sale at or above the asking price! www.realestatestagingassociation.com

#2 – Does my stager understand design?

Every professional home stager is always 6 months ahead of design trends making sure your spaces are AHEAD of the times. It’s always a sad experience when you walk into a dated staging. Who doesn’t love a modern fresh space that is filled with designer furniture exuding light and energy!

I know you want this experience for your buyers! So take a minute and do your research on upcoming trends in 2021. This will give you a better idea as to whether your stager is designing in style or out.

#3 – Don’t underestimate furniture lines.

Find a professional stager who has furniture lines, this way you know they aren’t pulling furniture from thrift stores and furniture stores that are outdated. We all know once the items are in the store they are already going out of style.

When your stager has furniture lines they stage with furniture no-one has ever seen before! Your staging is a glimpse of the up and coming when you hire a professional stager.

Furniture lines legitimize your staging company and with top-notch furniture, you will ADD maximum VALUE to your home compared to outdated furniture that could end up decreasing your value.

In summary…

Dropping furniture into a house and calling it “staged” isn’t a proper technique nor effective staging.

Design experience, furniture quality, scale, balance, and placement always play important roles in professional staging.

The main goal is about showcasing the square footage of spaces and how prospective buyers can visualize themselves living in that space, ultimately creating an environment the potential buyer will love!

At Step By Stage Home Staging, we design your staging to SELL and ADD VALUE to your home for a fast and lucrative sale!

Call us today and stage!


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