Tips on Listing during the Holidays

Our favorite time of the year is here! Fall is officially in full swing which means festive decor for the foreseeable future! Holiday decor, however, looks a little different when your house is on the market. Let’s talk about how you can achieve that warm and cozy fall feeling in your listed house without going overboard on the pumpkins.

Focus on smells.

We might all be able to agree that the best thing about the holidays is the smells! Crisp apple, cinnamon spice, and of course, pumpkin are just a few of the familiar smells of fall. The goal of staging is to give buyers a sense of home, so that they can picture themselves living there throughout each season. One of the less common, but equally important ways to do that is through smells! So, Homeowners and Realtors, this upcoming season is the PERFECT time to fill your listed homes with smells that homebuyers can’t turn down! Consider wax melts wall plug-ins, and essential oils.

Bring out those cozy knits!

Add some warm, festive colors! This can be achieved through knit blankets or throw pillows. Having a cozy cabin-like feeling in your home during the holidays is easy when using seasonal hues like orange, brown, olive green, and even neutral tones. 

Festive Florals.

If you have kept up with us over here at Step by Stage, you know that we are lovers of all things green! A touch of nature goes a long way when decorating a home. Keep this in mind during the holiday season and fill your home with festive and vibrant colors! Yellow sunflowers and daisies paired with baby’s breath and dried wheat will make for a beautiful centerpiece that screams autumn!

Happy Fall from Step By Stage!

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