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E-Design Service

Ideal for DIY Homeowners Who want design assistance

Living Room Design Board

Are you looking to redo or enhance an existing space or room(s) in your home? Not sure where to start or what style you’re looking for?

Let us help you!

Our E-Design board services are different than our full-fledged Design Services in that, based on your style and liking we create online design boards for each of your rooms. This will give you the liberty to purchase straight from the boards and install on your own time frame. Your design process will flow smoothly as we select all the details for each room from paint colors, to furniture, accessories, to lighting. Sit back, relax, and let us get cracking on your dream spaces – all you have to do is click that order button and wait for your perfect designs to show up at your doorstep!

E-Design Board Examples

Every design board is crafted with design expertise and the customers style in mind! We aim to create your dream spaces and transform your interior world to your ideal home!