Wait to pay for home staging at closing

Pay at Closing is a great way to help YOU receive the benefits of our home staging services and alleviate any financial stress! Yes, you heard that right! You can now pay at closing and get stunning staging results with no payment upfront! Instead, payments are right after your home sells for top dollar, out of escrow, subject to certain terms and conditions.

We know you’re interested…So give us a call and mention, “Pay at Closing” when you inquire about our home staging services! We can’t wait to help you get your home sold fast and for top dollar!

Pay at closing process
Frequently asked questions
Do I qualify for Pay at Closing?

Zoom Casa will discuss with you their terms and conditions and Step by Stage Interiors will provide you with Zoom Casa’s pay at close pricing along with pricing we offer. This allows you, to make an informed payment decision that works best for you!

Does it cost more to use pay at close services?

Zoom Casa is a concierge service. It is like financing your home staging as a convenience for interested parties. Normally, the service ranges between 15-20% of our home staging quote.

For example: If the staging price is 3,000, the concierge fee would be an additional $600 (or 16.6%). When you pay at closing, the total amount would be $3,600 plus additional sales tax added.

Are there other services offered through pay at close?

Yes, Zoom Casa also offers conditional home improvement services payable at close/escrow as well. For example, if you need to make improvements to your home (Roofing/Paint/Landscaping/Flooring/or other repairs/upgrades) Zoom Casa can provide for you those services as well!

How does Step by stage interiors receive Payment?

Zoom Casa pays us directly prior to Step by Stage Interiors staging your property. Stress-free for YOU!

Your Home Could go from...

Before After
Before After

Selling within a matter of days!

- with no upfront fees -

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