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Need to repaint a bedroom or living space?

During covid, I know we are all home looking at our walls, hoping one day we will have the inspiration to add a fresh coat of paint! Well, go no further! Let our blogpost help you find some colors that you will love!

2021 has a fresh new look! The colors of the year are a mixture of warm and cool to brighten and bolden your spaces with a modern flare!

Starting with…

Benjamin Moore’s – AEGEAN TEAL: A blend of blue-green and gray, Aegean Teal 2136-40 is an intriguing mid-tone that creates a natural harmony.

We love this color for several reasons. It’s calm, cool, stylish, and modern. This color would look stunning in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom! Take a look at the inspiration board and save the paint color for your painting day!

Going to our next color, we have…

➡️ Sherwin Williams – URBANE BRONZE: A blend of chocolate brown and charcoal, Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is a stunningly bold and fresh tone.

We love this color!

It’s bold and strong and would make a stunning accent wall in a living space or bedroom! Just make sure you accent with lots of whites and light colors to let the natural light bounce throughout the room!

Down below we have provided a mixture of colors you could use in combination with these two colors Aegean Teal and Urbane Bronze. Screenshot the picture to save it for a room idea

We hope these colors will get your brain juices flowing and inspire you to start on those DIYs and paint plans! You got this! Have fun painting and comment down below if you have any thoughts or design questions! 

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