Staging Stories That Sell!

We love getting the chance to share success stories that continue to prove the power of professional home staging!

We hope you love these results just as much as we did!! 
5793 Dornich Dr

Had 23 offers within 24 hours for up to $40,000 over asking price!! It ended up selling for $13,000 over asking price!! 

This was a simple home that needed the final touch of professional staging to stand out on MLS! Once staged she was in the spotlight and stood out among the rest of her competition!

1516 OrangeWood Dr.

Multiple offers within 48 hours and SOLD for over asking price!!

Our staging team set this home up for a successful sale by creating a buyers dream home! When the buyer was able to visualize themselves living in the home they simply can’t help falling in love with the space! 

Home staging is your next best marketing strategy yet! 

Whether you have been hesitant to stage or unsure of the process, we hope these stories were able to give you more hope and excitement when selling your next listings and using professional home staging! 

We are here for YOU and willing to help you along the process of selling your home and getting it ready to stage! We will walk you through all of your staging questions and concerns to help you succeed when you put your home on the market!

If you are interested in our home staging services then click on the link and below and send us an email or give us a call! 

We can’t wait to be apart of your selling process! 


I am ready to learn about home staging!

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