Boost your listings value!

Recently, we have been hearing from Realtors that they are having trouble “hitting” their appraisals. This means homes aren’t always appraising in this current market due to sales for over asking price.

After, 10+ years of staging experience we have never (*knock on wood*) staged a house that didn’t appraise! Even in this current market! 🙌🏻

How powerful is that? 

Wouldn’t you want peace of mind knowing that your home is “appraise worthy” because it is presented in the best light with professional home staging services? ✨

I know, I would!

Turns out, when we stage homes they not only often sell above the asking price, but rather appraise for the sale price! 💰

To put so much time and effort into your listing and not have it appraise can be so frustrating! 😝

Both the interior and exterior of a home play a very important role in deciding its value. 📈

The outside of the house is the first thing the appraiser will see when they arrive. 🏠 If curb appeal is low, the home could start at a lower appraisal score.

Investing in hiring a certified Staging Design Professional is a guaranteed way to make sure both curb appeal and the interior space look fantastic, and so, worth more to buyers and appraisers. 😄

Professional home stagers advise on how to improve landscaping, remove clutter, and select paint for anything that needs a fresh coat. 🖌

A new front door can greatly improve the look of an older home, but often all it needs is a new coat of paint–selected by a Master Color Consultant.

Stagers work to show off all the square footage of a home to prospective buyers, and any space taken up by unnecessary furniture and clutter detracts from the perceived size of the place.❗️

With Step By Stage Interiors, you will experience a powerful transformation that will have your home appraising in no time! ✨

There is nothing like a perfect recipe for a sale! Staging will change the game for you! Stage today and appraise! 🙌🏻

Source: https://www.stagingstudio.com

Interested in vacant staging with complementary professional photography?

I am so interested!

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