Answering your top 5 questions

Are you a realtor nervous or unsure about marketing your property with home staging? Or are you a homeowner looking to sell but unsure about the home staging process?

Let us calm your nerves as we answer your Top 5 Questions!

1. My clients can’t afford it or staging is too expensive!

Home Staging can be affordable no matter your budget. As a Realtor, NEVER make the assumption your client doesn’t need staging or assume they can’t afford it. As a homeowner, don’t sell yourself short by thinking staging isn’t in my budget. Staging can help generate a powerful return on your investment, which often can end up paying for the staging by the home selling for over asking price and exceeding your expectations! Not mentioning staging to your client or offering them the option leaves money on the table and can do your client a disservice. We believe not offering the choice to know all marketing options available to a client isn’t smart business. We believe home staging an investment, not a cost. Here at Step By Stage Interiors, we work with our clients to create the most affordable staging services possible with maximum results!

2. Why do you need an expert home stager?

Hire the professional to do the work for you! Don’t stage your listing. Attempting to stage only a few spaces in your home tends to not receive the highest return on your sale. Additionally, without the proper training and skill, it could miss the mark or fall flat to possible buyers. Home staging is an art and a science. It takes experience, knowledge, expertise and skill to do it properly. Trust your listing or home to a professional home stager who can deliver results that will exceed your expectations!

3. How to stage – the right way.

There are right ways and wrong way to stage a home. At Step By Stage Interiors, we recommend staging all common spaces which helps generate a fast sale at maximum price point. When you thread and tie together all common spaces, it creates an emotional and psychological connection prospective buyers are looking for. This helps buyers visualize themselves living in those spaces. Staging only a few spaces can do more harm than good. Often, it can make the house feel choppy, cheap and sparse. It can also convey a sense of desperation, which can lead possible buyers to offer less for the property. Staging only a few rooms and not others can also make buyers think, “what’s wrong with these spaces?…why are these staged but these other areas aren’t. Is there something conditionally wrong with these areas?”, raising suspicion. Ensure that you hire a company with experience, credentials and quality reviews. Referrals are the best way to find a local business you can trust!

4. The condition of your home must be ready to stage.

When a home is in good condition, it will tend to showcase well and sell successfully. Why?…because it shows the home has been cared for, properly maintained and loved. Step By Stage Interiors offers consultative DIY services to properly prepare your home for the market. Realtors will also give you suggestions that you should complete to get the most out of your sale! Ideally, your home should be updated, professionally cleaned and vacant. We understand it isn’t always practical or feasible to vacate a property. For houses that are lived in, our consultative service provides professional recommendations and suggestions to help a property look and feel its best.

5.  Afraid you will scare your client away when offering home staging?

Allow us to be your experts! Let us meet with your client and explain the benefits of professional home staging. We will inform prospective clients about pricing, value, and share success stories utilizing professional home staging services. We don’t expect Realtors to have to sell our services for us. Or, homeowners to know everything about home staging or the process. 


Professional home staging is your biggest marketing strategy to sell your home fast for top dollar!

Call now to speak with Anne and Patrick for more on staging your home!

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