7 Flower Shrubs for Curb Appeal


Here is list of some of our new found flowering shrub favorites for that florida curb appeal look! ✨

To help you know whether these shrubs may work for your listing, we included some basic plant information about each type of shrub! 

Scroll down for all of the green/floral options to make your property shine this summer! There is nothing like beautiful curb appeal that has your buyers falling in love even before they walk in the door! 😊


Hydrangeas are a top choice for both southern gardeners because they are easy to grow, tolerate almost any amount of sun exposure, can grow in a large variety of climates, and put on an impressive show of large, colorful blossoms when they bloom.

Blooms: Summer and fall

Light Needs: Shade, part-shade, sun

Water Needs: Keep moist in rich, well-drained soil

Height: 1-3 feet, 3-8 feet, 8-20 feet (depending on variety)

Width: 2-12 feet

Zone Requirements: 3-9

Color: Red, white, pink, blue, purple, green


Good luck finding a flowering shrub with a variety of options and diversity than the Viburnum! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for beautiful foliage colors, sweet aromas, color berries or showy blossoms, Viburnums have a ton of varieties that seem to have it all.

Blooms: Spring

Light Needs: Part-sun, sun

Water Needs: Moist, well-drained soil

Height: 3-8 feet, 8-20 feet (depending on variety)

Width: 3-12 feet (depending on variety)

Zone Requirements: 2-9


You may know this shrub by the name Rose of Sharon. Not actually part of the rose family, the large, spectacularly plentiful blooms of the Hibiscus attract hummingbirds and butterflies from the summer into the fall. They are drought tolerant and low-maintenance, making them a favorite for curb appeal landscaping!

Blooms: Spring, summer, fall

Light Needs: Sun

Water Needs: Keep moist in well-drained soil

Height: 5-10 feet

Width: up to 6 feet

Zone Requirements: 5-9

Color: Purple, white, red, orange, yellow, pin


Weigela foliage come in a variety of colors, making this low-maintenance, drought-tolerant shrub a real beauty!

Blooms: Spring, summer

Light Needs: Sun

Water Needs: Keep moist in well-drained soil

Height: 6-10 feet

Width: 6-10 feet

Zone Requirements: 4-8

Color: White, red, yellow, pink


These shrubs are known for the brilliant yellow blooms that cover their branches in early spring before their leaves even show themselves. Forsythias can provide a cheery background that’s perfect as a border or the centerpiece or backdrop of any landscape garden.

Butterflies and bees love them, and they are a fast-growing, low-maintenance shrub!

Blooms: Early spring

Light Needs: Part-sun, sun

Water Needs: Keep moist in well-drained soil

Height: 2-10 feet (depending on variety)

Width: 4-12 feet (depending on variety)

Zone Requirements: 5-8

Color: Yellow


Lilacs can grow quite large if you need a flowering shrub in a large space or you can plant dwarf varieties that stay much smaller (and even rebloom later in the season). 

Blooms: Spring, summer

Light Needs: Part-sun, sun

Water Needs: Let the soil dry out a little; do best with deep, infrequent watering

Height: 3-8 feet, 8-20 feet (depending on variety)

Width: 3-20 feet

Zone Requirements: 3-7

Color: Pink, purple, white


Shrub Roses are one of the easiest types of Roses to grow and merge all the best characteristics of roses together into one attractive, low-maintenance plant! They are 3-5 feet tall and only 3 feet wide and have large, beautiful clusters of blooms. Plus they smell AMAZING!

Blooms: Spring, summer, fall

Light Needs: Sun

Water Needs: Moist, well-drained soil

Height: 3-5 feet

Width: 3 feet

Zone Requirements: 3-10

Color: Yellow, pink, red, purple, orange, pink

Now all you have to do is pick your favorite and get planting!

We even suggest picking one or two floral shrubs and blending them for a stunning variety!

*Planting any one of these flowering shrubs gives you the attractiveness of flowering plants in your yard without the hassle of planting new plants every year!

You can’t go wrong with any of these 7 options! We hope this list was helpful and useful for your summer gardening goals! Happy Planting! 🌿 




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