Color Psychology in Interior Design

Color psychology is a fascinating topic that can help you see your space in a whole new light. There are many studies out there that show the impact of color on mood and emotions, which will vary from person to person. What’s important to remember is that it’s all about personal preference! The colors we choose for our home should make us feel happy and at peace, not overwhelmed or stressed out. This blog post will go over some cool facts about how certain colors affect our mindsets and give suggestions for using them in your interior design decisions! 


Incorporating a light blue color into your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen can give it a calm and soothing feel. Darker blues are often thought of as serious and sleek which is why they could be best used in an office. Lighter shades, however, could transform a bedroom into a relaxing getaway. 


Growth, balance, and nature are words used to describe green. We have all seen how a few house plants are capable of completely transforming a whole space. The range of green is very large when choosing which shade to go with. From dark emerald green to a bright lime, touches of green are sure to add a touch of balance and nature to your space.


Often thought of as a joyous and playful color, yellow can be a bold but exciting color to add to your home. When working with such a vibrant tone such as yellow, adding a statement piece (or pieces) in this color is the way to go. Consider an accent chair or maybe even a rug!

Start thinking about how certain colors make you feel and how they can improve your space! We recommend choosing 2-3 colors that make you feel the best, and using those as your main accent pieces throughout the house. Let us know what color combinations work for you!

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