We are in this together!

Explaining benefits professional home staging provides to your seller can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be!

Let’s be real! 

Maybe A: Your client isn’t interested when bringing up home staging, or B: You feel like you don’t fully grasp home staging enough to accurately present it to your clients. 

Whether A or B, we like to say, “It’s always nice when the professionals do the heavy lifting!” and so they should!

As your local home stagers, we want you to know that we are ON YOUR TEAM!

We are here to coach you through the process and step in to share our services whenever necessary and at ANY TIME! 😄 

Our staging presentations will include:

  • Patrick or Anne Furlow meeting with your client at their current listing (or if your client is not local, conduct a phone consultation)
  • walking them through our processes
  • presenting a folder filled with information to help layout our services in detail that help your clients understand the power of our home staging services
  • and finally coming up with a staging estimate✨

If you are hesitant to stage, don’t enjoy offering staging, or don’t fully feel prepared to present home staging to your clients…

Then please, DON’T hesitate to call us! We are your experts and we want to help you in any way possible to make your home staging experience effective and easy

Let us be your graceful “bad guy” and speak directly to your clients about how we can best serve them!

We hope to fully eliminate any reason why you would be hesitant to offer home staging to your clients!

We know the power and the benefit of our professional home staging. As a Realtor, you may be doing your client a disservice when you don’t offer them the opportunity to learn about home staging. You could be leaving money on the table! 

You are important to us and your clients are important to us! So, never feel like your alone in this process! We are on your team! And We are in this together! 😄

With our DOM average currently being only 4 days before generating and offer(s), we know staging will only benefit you and your clients in a powerful way! ⭐️

Let’s partner in this process together and help your clients get the most for their money when selling their properties!

Are you ready to do this!? 

Scroll down to find a link that will take you directly to our contact page! 😄

Interested in a vacant staging consult?

I am so interested!

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