Appraise your home well...

As professional home sellers, we know you want to get as much money as possible when you go to sell. 

A home appraisal determines the value of a home, which depends on the market, quality, and size of the house, and other factors.

When you go to appraise your home, we want to set you up for success to receive the highest appraisal possible!

1. Invest in Home Staging

Staging your home will always increase equity! Over 80% of our staged homes sell for over asking price! Staging with an experienced professional home stager can increase the likelihood of receiving top dollar for your property!

Hiring a certified staging design professional, like Step By Stage Interiors, is a proven way to make sure both curb appeal and the interior space look fantastic. This makes your home more attractive to buyers and appraisers.

As professionals, we work to accentuate all the square footage of a home to prospective buyers.

If there are any conditional property issues, we will recommend repairs. We are here to help you save money and make money at the end of the home selling process. We are on your team and with our expertise, we will increase your equity and transform your space into a stunning cash cow! Click here to stage your listing prior to a home appraisal.

Home staging does cost, but it also pays! The average cost of a complete staging project is usually much less than your first price reduction. Statistically, homes that have been properly prepared for the market sell before a price reduction is needed. In a good or bad housing market, some studies have shown that staged homes can add between 10 and 15 percent to the sale price of many homes.  There will be staging costs, but it costs more to not stage!

2. Make updates that pay off

Making updates like lighting and paint colors will pay off during appraisal more than anything else! It’s these little details that make all of the difference!

Step By Stage will take you through our DIY home selling checklist and give you tips on how to improve your interiors such as paint options, cleaning, and lighting options. We will also suggest landscaping and exterior paint options. To get you started on paint, we compiled a list of the 10 best white paint colors to update your listing.

The interior and exterior of your home play a very important role in deciding the value. Your curb appeal (the outside) of your home is the first thing a potential buyer and the appraiser will see when they arrive. If your curb appeal is low, the home starts off at a lower appraisal score.

3. Keep records of everything

Stagers typically take before and after photos of the rooms, they will stage. Sellers should also have before and after photos of any repairs and renovations from their time owning the house. These photos can help the case with the appraiser by illustrating valuable upgrades that were made to the home.

4. Work with the appraiser

The more prepared and cooperative you are as the seller to the appraiser, the better your chances are of getting an appraisal that matches their research. If the seller is uncooperative and hovering over their shoulder, the appraiser could see that as a sign that there is something wrong with the house.

As long as the seller prepares ahead of time, presenting the best home they can with home staging, repairs, and other strategies, the process should go smoothly. By presenting their own research, and allowing the appraiser to do their work uninterrupted, the seller is setting themselves up for success.

Source: https://www.bydesignsa.com/blog/4-ways-to-increase-home-appraisal-value-in-san-antonio-and-austin

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