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Declutter, paint, clean, stage!

There are so many things that go into a home sale, it’s easy to forget home preparation steps that are less obvious, but equally important to sell your home.

1. Focus on the area around the front door.

The front door area is the first thing your buyer will see when they walk up to your home. You want all signs of wear and tear to be removed, cleaned, painted, or fixed. 

Your front door is your curb appeal. It is the entrance into your buyer’s future home. This is where it all begins and ends. Paint your front door a fun pop of color, pressure wash your sidewalk, replace door handles, replace or clean windows, and add a fun fresh welcome mat to finish it off! 

2. Make those minor repairs and paint touches!

Take a walk through your entire home and write down what stands out to you. If it’s lighting, paint chips, dirt, damage, or anything else and add it to your to-do list. 

Be sure your home is in the best condition possible! Every bit of effort will pay off when you go to sell! 

If your not sure of what should stay, change, or go, contact us for our professional DIY consultative services.

3. Vacate, Professionally Clean, and Stage.

We always say a vacant home sells better than an occupied. Your chances of getting more for your money increases when your buyer is able to visualize their belongings in your space.

Step one is to move out and professionally clean your home. This will make your spaces smell fresh and clean and show your buyer the condition of your home. 

Step two is to stage. Staging will present a non-personal, clean and beautiful picture of what your buyers would experience if they were to be living in the home. When your buyer can visualize themselves living in your spaces, then you will have a higher chance of getting an offer. 

At Step By Stage, we understand it is not always practical or realistic to move out of your home. If you need help making your lived-in home more showcase-ready, contact us today and take advantage of our consultative DIY occupied staging services. 

In Conclusion

These are just 3 important things you should do to prepare your home for sale, as well as many others that we haven’t listed in this blog. We definitely recommend doing more research and even hiring an expert to come out to your home and help you get your home ready for a fast and lucrative sale!

Source: https://www.homelight.com/blog/tips-to-prepare-your-home-for-sale/

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